What the heck is Alpha FitT?

Well, Alpha FitT Hardcore Training was established in 2012. Alpha FitT Hardcore Training GEAR evolved after the company logo was created and trademarked.  Just like the company’s unique logo design, Alpha FitT Hardcore Training GEAR is design for those unique individuals who are part of the subculture of “bodybuilding and fitness.”

So what do we mean by our slogan, “Either you’re ALPHA FITT or you’re not?”  Anyone who has competed, is currently competing, or is in the process of entering their first bodybuilding, figure, physique, or bikini contest should realize that the world of competitive bodybuilding and fitness is not only a sport, it’s a passion. Those who possess this passion will do anything necessary to be their best.  This is what we believe separates bodybuilding and fitness competitors from the general public, and even, all other athletes. Unfortunately, everyone is not born to be a bodybuilding or fitness athlete, that’s why we believe there are two separate cultures in the fitness industry…you’re either a Bodybuilder, or you’re NOT. This is what we also mean by our company title, ALPHA FITT.  The word ALPHA refers to the ALPHA wolf, who is the pack leaders and respected by his or her followers.  As for FITT, adding the extra “T” to “fit” emphasizes the word’s meaning, which only someone who trains beyond the norm would understand.  Therefore, that’s what it means to be ALPHA FITT, and, “You’re either ALPHA FITT or you’re NOT!”

As a bodybuilding and fitness apparel company, ALPHA FITT wants to offer the best quality and designed clothing that will meet our customer’s unique needs.  Currently, we offer men and women’s t-shirts in Ultra Soft® cotton, and men’s muscle shirts and women’s Razor Back tanks in flexible polyester.  Soon, we will expend or clothing and product line and offer men’s Razor and String Back tanks, women’s cotton tanks, and men and women’s workout shorts.  In the meantime, we are also expanding or color and fabric selection so our customers will not only stand out in the gym, but they will look good as well.

Our website will also feature official ALPHA FITT athletes.  In addition, the site will also like to feature photos of anyone who wants to display their ALPHA FITT gear and prove that they are truly “certified ALPHA FITT.”  If you would like your photos featured or shown on either our Home Page slide or in our ALPHA FITT DEN photo gallery, just forward your photo and a small caption to our email: alphafittemail@gmail.com.

Alpha FitT Hardcore Fitness GEAR is also open for any customer questions, feedback or comments.  Please visit our “CONTACT US” section for summiting anything on your mind.  We will promptly respond back to your submission as soon as possible.

Finally, our “What’s happening” and “ALPHA Info” sections will keep you updated on latest news in the bodybuilding world (monthly contest schedules, contest results and links to recent contest, and updates on ALPHA FITT athletes). In addition, we will provide additional info on workouts, competition prep diets, and even a few choice recipes that will give our customers a variety of healthy food selections. Especially for anyone stuck on a boring, flavorless meal plan.

Thank you for selecting Alpha FitT Hardcore Training GEAR for your bodybuilding and fitness apparel needs.  ALPHA FITT believes our unique logoed fitness gear stands not only out from other fitness apparel, but will have you, the customer, stand out in the gym and public as well.  We look forward to seeing you wearing our fitness apparel and promoting our company slogan, “Either you’re ALPHA FITT or you’re NOT!”

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